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Hello and welcome to the interactive display for Illustrator and Designer Jason Martian!

After crash landing on earth, Jason Martin AKA Jason Martian got a job as a mild mannered reporter… unfortunately, mild manners were not his forte, so he became an artist instead. He has been actively involved in the fields of Illustration, Graphic Design, Photo Re-Touching/Alteration, Art Direction and Art Instruction for over twenty years.

Mr. Martian has been working as the artist for RiffTrax (those MST3K guys) since 2007, adding his visual twist to their signature brand of humor, creating their posters, merchandise, promotional materials and graphic content for their website.

Jason has achieved many other things during his stint here on earth, among them becoming the renowned Kung-Fu master known as “Golden Crane”, winning the silver medal for Grease Skating and breaking the Guinness World Record for Catapulting.

For Daily Doodles and more check out my social media pages!

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