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“OMG! U are my new personal hero!!”

— William Joyce, writer, illustrator, and filmmaker


the artwork!!!”

“I pretty much love ALL your artwork, but this one is priceless.”

— Mary Jo Pehl, writer, actress and comedian

“Bridget just showed me your work for her Christmas special -- really great! It made me happy, so just wanted to let you know.”

— Michael J. Nelson, comedian, actor and writer

“Fine work!”

— Kevin Murphy, writer, actor and comedian

“I just love the art work for The Amazing Mr. X! Its really creepy and funny at the same time!!”

"I love what you do!"

— Bridget Nelson, comedian, actress and writer

“Bravo artist Jason Martian

for your work!”

— Bill Corbett, comedian, actor and writer

“Thank-you for everything you do! You make us look good, time after time!”

— Matthew J. Elliot, Writer, comedian

“I've worked as part of a creative team with Jason for almost a decade now. He constantly surprises me with how versatile his work is while still maintaining an incredible high standard of quality. I've seen him turn around final product art from concept to completion in blazing speed while having several cooks in the kitchen offering notes. As a team member, you really couldn't ask for a more talented and fun person to work with.”

— Casey June, Senior Video Editor

“Jason is an extremely fast and talented graphic designer. He is able to handle multiple design projects at a time, effectively maneuvering between each as needed. Over the years he has created artwork for through concept to completion, and is always willing to listen to suggestions and ideas in a very constructive way.”

— Josh Gemma, Producer

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